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Dempsey Palazzo Pants

The Dempsey Palazzo Pants are inspired by a design in the Mrs Stylebook High Summer 2021 edition. This playful wide-leg pants have:

  • Pleats detailing

  • In-seam side pockets

  • Elastic waist band


What you will learn from making this outfit:

  • Take basic body measurements

  • Develop basic pant block from your body measurements 

  • Interpret instructional drafting illustrations to develop garment patterns 

  • Fabric layout and cutting 

  • Construction of the pants, which includes sewing techniques

  1. Attaching in-seam side pockets

  2. Sewing pleats

  3. Attaching elastic waistband with casing

Materials required for this garment:

  • Fabric: 3.1m x 45" wide

  • Elastic: 1m x 4cm wide

  • Matching thread

Keen to make this garment?

Are you an existing student of the Draft and Sew course? 

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