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Frequently Asked Questions

Signing up for the course

  • I have no sewing and drafting experience. Can I sign up for the workshop?

This course is recommended for students with some prior sewing experience. You can sign up for our Sewing Knits: Tee Making workshop if you are a total beginner. 

  • Do I need to decide which outfits I want to make upon registration?

No worry, you can decide when you start attending the sessions. Our friendly instructors can also advise you on the sequence of outfits you should sew based on the difficulty level of the outfits. You can also decide on your subsequent outfit, after completing your current outfit.

  • I have a strong sewing background, but have not tried drafting any patterns. I think I should be able to complete an outfit in less than 10 hours. Which package should I sign up for?

You can consider signing up for our individual sessions. It's 3hr per session and you are welcome to purchase multiple sessions to complete the entire project. ​

Booking of sessions

  • Can I book all the sessions for my subscription plan upon registration?

No. Sessions are only open up for booking 10 days in advance.

  • What happens if I book a session but am unable to attend the sessions?

There is a capacity limit for each session to provide a pleasant learning environment and ensure that all students have sufficient attention during these sessions. Hence, in the event that you are unable to attend the session, please let us know as soon as you can so we can release the slots for other students on the waitlist.


Actions to limit the number of bookings may be taken if students do not turn up after booking the session for two or more occasions.


Changes to subscription plans / Termination / Refunds

  • Can I downgrade my subscription from a 6-month to a 4-month plan upon payment?

We’re sorry, but we do not allow subscription downgrade.

  • Can I upgrade my subscription from a 2-month to a 6-month plan upon payment?

It’s possible. Speak to us and we will work out something for you.

  • I am travelling for a week this month. Can I pause the subscription plan? 

No pausing of the subscription plan is allowed, except in the event of hospitalisation for two weeks or more. Feel free to speak to us if you have a strong case to request for a pause in the subscription plan, we will do our best to work out a solution :)

  • I signed up for a 4-month unlimited plan, but have yet to complete my 2 garments. Can I continue to sign up for sessions after my 4-month period ended?

Additional sessions after your subscription period are chargeable. Speak to us and we will try to work out something for you.

  • I have completed all my outfits before my subscription period ends. Can my package fee be pro-rated?

Well done for finishing the outfits so quickly! No refund is due when students complete the outfits before the subscription period ends.

  • I lost my sewing mojo. Can I terminate my subscription plan and have my fee be refund pro-rata?

We​'re sorry to hear that! Unfortunately, no refund will be made. We do, however, hope you make an effort to come back to our sewing studio and redisover your love for sewing again :) 

Have more questions? Drop us an email at

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