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Faber Asymmetrical Knit Top

The Faber Asymmetrical Knit Top is developed from Bunka Basic Bodice Block (Missy). Inspired by a design in the Mrs Stylebook Summer 2017 edition, this playful sleeveless top has an asymmetrical neckline finished with binding, and hi-lo hemline.


What you will learn from making this outfit:

  • Take basic body measurements

  • Develop the top design from the Bunka Bodice Block (Missy Style)

  • Interpret instructional drafting illustrations to develop garment patterns

  • Convert bodice block to garment pattern

  • Fabric layout and cutting, including cutting knit fabrics

  • Construction of the top, which includes sewing techniques:

    • Sewing with knit fabrics

    • Finishing with binding

    • Finishing using coverstitch machine


Materials required for this garment:

  • Fabric: 110cm wide x 1.7m long (recommended Jersey, double knit)

  • Matching thread


Keen to make this garment?

Are you an existing student of the Draft and Sew course? 

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