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Fabric Shopping: Chiang Mai, Thailand

Updated: Feb 16, 2020

I love fabric shopping in different cities and countries, and always wish that I have more time to soak in the beautiful and unique textile and crafts of different cultures when I am overseas. So, one of the first things I googled after booking the air tickets to Chiang Mai was “Fabric Shopping in Chiang Mai”! Information from Seamstress Erin and Wander-lush was particularly useful. After reading them, I knew that shopping at Warorot market was going to be somewhat chaotic, but I guess my husband and daughters weren’t 😀

Perhaps it’s bad planning on my part, I planned for the visit to the market in the morning of the day we were supposed to fly home. My husband thought it might be good to have breakfast at the market, and to skip the sumptuous breakfast at the hotel. Bad idea! It was really quite difficult to maneuver around the market.

After being dropped off by our GRAB driver – which was really a fantastic way to get around Chiang Mai city, we took a wrong turn and went into Ton Lamyai market which is right across from Warorot. Long story short, by the time we found fabric and food (ironically, at the same time! There is a stall near the first fabric stall we saw that sells dough fritters a ridiculously cheap price – 2 baht for one fritter!!), the girls were feeling impatient, and I felt bad to drag everyone around in search of (more) fabric.