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Sew-Along: Baby Mittens under 60 Minutes

Updated: Mar 1, 2020

As Christmas is just around the corner, I am hoping to sew some gifts for friends, and possibly some of the girls’ teachers. As quite a few of them have either just given birth or will be doing so early next year, I thought it would be great to make some baby gifts for them. Given that there always seems to be endless amount of chores and work waiting to be done, these projects will have to be those that can be done in a jiffy. So, I’ve come up with a list:

bib with food tray
  • Burp cloth


As we always have scraps knit fabrics around (from all the workshops we conducted :P), I thought I could use them to make some of the above projects, and baby mittens are really great for using up remnants. These mittens are double layered and could technically be considered reversible since no seams are exposed 🙂

Mitten Collage

The steps are briefly summarised below, but you can also download the pattern and tutorial here.)

1) Cut four pieces of each pattern piece. Put two pieces of each pattern together. You should have two pairs of outer layer fabrics and two pairs of inner layer fabrics.


2) Sew part of each pair of fabrics together.


3) Attach an elastic band to each pair of fabric.


4) Continue sewing each pair of fabrics, that is, they should be joined around the top, but leave a gap at the bottom for the teeny weeny hand :P. But, do not sew the entire round for the inner layer. You need a gap to turn all the pieces right side out later.

5) Turn the inner fabric pieces inside out. Place each pair inside a pair of outer fabrics. Sew the inner and outer fabrics together along the bottom edge of the fabrics in a circle.


A standing mitten! 😛

6) Pull the inner fabric out, then turn the outer fabric right side out through the gap at the inner pair.

7) Close out the gap using slip stitch.

8) Tuck the inner piece inside the outer piece and you’re done!


Aren’t they cute? 😛 We hope to post more on Christmas sewing projects these couple of days. Do keep a look out for them! We’ll love to hear what you are making or plan to make too 🙂


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