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Taking a look at knit finishes


So i’ve been researching on the various finishes for knitwear while making the tee for A and thought an archive of the different styles i’ve come across since would be great. And that sharing the information here would be better still 🙂 Hope to keep the list growing!


As a home sewer who owns no overstitch machine (yet), one can’t reproduce this finish – the closest is probably the 4-thread overlock stitch. Anyhow, even if i have the coverstitch machine, i would not recommend this finish – it just looks a little sloppy to me.


This next tee caught my eye because of its neck ribbing. Usually the 1×1 ribbing is used, but  in this case, the manufacturer has not used that (it looks like 3×1 ribbing so something). It’s typical to use twin needle stitch to topstitch the ribbing to the tee, but in this case, the single needle was used. The raw edges of the ribbing/neckline at the back is covered by a binding of similar colour, making the tee look more finished and better hangar appeal. In the picture on the right, you can see the topstitches that secures the binding from the back neckline all the way to the shoulder. Love this finish, it will take a bit of work but i might just try it in my next tee, especially if a binding of contrast colour is used (see picture below).





This last tee is my favourite 🙂 Firstly, there are 2 snap buttons at the left shoulder, which makes it so much easier to put it on A. Secondly, contrast binding at the back neckline & shoulder!!! 😀 What’s more, the manufacturer bothered to use contrasting red and white threads to highlight the stitches on the right side of the tee. Lastly, the tee has side splits! The whole tee just feel so thoughtful, not just some random piece of garment haphazardly put together for a quick buck.


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