When: 27 December 2020 (Sunday), 10am to 1pm 


Where: 24 Sin Ming Ln, #08-108 Midview City, Singapore 573970 (Sew Fun/Uyii)


What you will learn:

- What is knit fabric and the different types of knit fabrics

- The different types of seams and finishes used for knitwear

- How to setup your own domestic machine to sew knits

- How to construct a T-shirt (step by step demonstration), including binding, attaching sleeves and hemming.


Suitable for:

Anyone who loves and/or wants to learn how to sew knitwear. Beginners are welcome


Things You Need to Bring Along:

All project material and tools & equipment will be provided at the class. A soft copy of the pattern will be emailed to you after the class so that you can make more tees at your own leisure!


+Class will be rescheduled if the minimum number (4) is not reached.


We will follow-up with an email to provide you with the fabric choices upon registration. Thank you!


Sewing Knits: Ladies' Tee 31 Jan AM - Bishan Studio

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