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We conduct sharing sessions, corporate and school programmes at your offices/schools. We are also happy to customize fashion/sewing-related sessions that meet your needs. Simply drop us a note to get the discussion going!


Sustainable Fashion: Past, Present & Future 

Often associated as ecological unfriendly, the fashion industry is increasingly aware of the need to innovate and adopt new technologies to be more sustainable.

In this session, participants will learn to reimagine fashion through the lens of circularity and discover the exciting possibilities of textile recycling and virtual prototyping.

The session will cover:

  • The latest trends and techniques to ensure ethical practices and reduce waste in the fashion industry

  • The power of virtual 3D prototyping technology that is revolutionising the fashion design process

As part of the hands-on component of this session, participants will test out a virtual design platform and experience the thrill of being a digital fashion designer.

Suitable for: young adults (aged 13 and above, e.g., secondary students, tertiary students) and corporates. 


Recommended Size: 20 - 300 


Duration: 1 session with options of 45 and 90 min 

Programme Type: Talk with hands-on activities. Suitable for school assembly programme, team-bonding event.


Don't Bin It! Mend it!

In a world driven by fast fashion, it's time to embrace the art of repair and upcycling.


During this hands-on workshop, you'll acquire essential skills for extending the lifespan of your clothing, transforming damaged or worn garments into cherished, eco-friendly pieces. You wil learn handstitching, patching, and sewing buttons. 

Together, we'll learn to appreciate the beauty of imperfection and make a positive impact on the environment, one stitch at a time. Join us in this inspiring journey towards a more sustainable and responsible approach to fashion. You're not just mendinig the clothes, you're mending the world.

Suitable for: Primary school to tertiary students, corporates. 


Recommended Size: 10 - 30


Duration: 1 session with options of 45 and 90 min

Programme Type: Demo with hands-on activities. Suitable for CCA, lunch talk and team-bonding event.

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