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All about Pockets: Simple Patch Pocket

Updated: Mar 1, 2020

Before I had my girls, I didn’t use to pay much attention to pockets. After all, like most ladies, I don’t usually use pockets (as I prefer carrying my things in bags or purses, and pockets add bulk to the silhouette :P). But, my girls adore them, and always request that I include them in the clothes I sew for them.

pocket items

They love to use the pockets to keep their small cuddlies and clips.

So, I’ve been reading up on the different types of pockets and how to include them in apparel, and thought it might be useful to share the information here. We’ll start with the most commonly seen – patch pocket.

A patch pocket is one that is sewn to the exterior of the garment. They are one of the most adaptable kind of pockets – they can be rectangular, rounded, chevron, or any shape you fancy! – making them wonderful additions to any kids’ clothes. Besides shapes, you can also play around by adding flaps, pleats (box and inverted), gussets, zipper, etc, or even making the side stitches invisible!