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Drafting and Sew-Along: Cowl Neck Tee

Updated: Feb 16, 2020

A cowl neckline is known to suit almost every body type and size – though if you are petite, you might want to ensure that the size and thickness of the cowl doesn’t engulf you.

You can easily convert a regular tee pattern into a cowl neck tee! The steps are as follows

1. Trace the basic bodice tee.

2. Optional: Measure how much you would like to lower the neckline (especially if you are using a crew-neck tee as your base)

3. Redraw the new neckline

4. Measure your desired cowl depth.

The cowl depth would be the measurement from neck point to neck point. For instance, if the measurement from one neck point to the other is 42 cm, the cowl length is 21 cm

5. Draw three curved lines from the centre front, ending the two uppermost curves at the shoulder seam and the lowest curve about two thirds down the armscye.

6. Slash along these lines. Spread equally until the distance between the neck point and the extended center-front line equals the cowl length established in step 4.

7. Measure about 5cm above cowl length at CF and draw a parallel line. Fold the pattern along the cowl length, and transfer the shoulder shape onto the cowl facing section.

Drafting of the cowl neck pattern is done!

Construction wise, the broad steps are:

1) Attach neck binding to the back neckline

The end of the neck-binding is intentionally left uncut in the photo to show the back piece.

2ii) Fold the self-facing to wrap it over the back shoulder. The self-facing right side will now be facing the back’s wrong side.

3) Sew and overlock the shoulder seam. (The self-facing will enclose part of the seams once it’s turned out.)

4) Attach sleeves

5) Sew and overlock side seams

6) Finish the hem

And the cowl neck tee is done! If you are looking for a regular tee pattern to convert into the cowl neck tee, do check out our pattern!



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