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Drafting Basic Skirt Block

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

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I can understand how frustrating it is sometimes when one finds difficulty following the instructions in drafting and sewing books. It would be great if there’s a step-by-step video to show exactly what’s going on! It’s especially true for sewing because even pictures just aren’t good enough when the process is complicated.

For beginners, even having seen or sat through a demonstration of the drafting/sewing process, it may still be hard to recall them the next time you need to draft/sew again because one time just isn’t enough. I can see that some of my students face this problem and I wanted to help them in their learning process. Wouldn’t it be great if i could record myself in class so they could replay it however many times they want? But since our lessons are hours long, i doubt anyone could sit through a video that long, i thought perhaps i could put together screen shots of the process… and here’s the first one!

This is a videoclip on how to draft a basic skirt block. It’s in centimetres and a fairly simplified block that beginners could use.

Body measurements required for this block:

  1. Waist (around): This is taken at the natural waist position.

  2. Hip (around): This is taken at the widest part of the body.

  3. Waist to Hip: This is the vertical distance between natural waist and hip.

  4. Waist to Knee

Basic skirt block is one of the easiest to start with for beginners because the measurements required are kept at a minimum.

Some acronyms used in the video:

  1. CF – centre front

  2. CB – centre back

  3. L‘ – It looks like the letter ‘L’, denotes the corner where a right angle (90 degrees) is required.

With that, here’s the video clip and hope you enjoy it!

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