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Drafting V-Neck Top (With Short Sleeves)

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 10.19.05 pm

This is a buildup from the first post on Basic Bodice Block. Using the basic block, i’ve drafted a V-neck top with short sleeves in this video. It also demonstrated how to lengthen the shirt length, add more ease to the top and obtain the neckline facings.

While the basic block is fitted, this V-Neck top is more of a semi-fitted feel. If you like something a li’l looser, you could do away with the waist darts aka don’t have to sew them up.

The block can also be adjusted to achieve other necklines, eg. round, boat, heart-shaped, asymmetrical (although in the last configuration, you probably would need to develop full front patterns from the half blocks shown).

The sleeve block here is also quite easy to draft, just a note: the left side is the back of the sleeve & the right side is the front of the sleeve (oops, forgot to indicate in the video)

Additional measurements required to develop this block:

  1. Hips (around)

  2. Waist to Hip

  3. Desired Blouse Length

  4. Desired Sleeve Length

  5. Desired Sleeve Opening

Again, this block is done in centimetres. The opening of the video shows the basic block as shaded grey.

Hope you enjoy the video!

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