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Sewing Tutorial: Drafting and Making Skirt & Drafting Basic Bodice Block

Updated: Feb 16, 2020

So i’ve been making some new videos (the count is 3 so far) for the new year 2016, you can see the blurps provided below and i hope some (if not all) will be interesting to you! I’ll be putting up more videos along the way, keep a lookout!

Drafting Basic Skirt Block

There is slight difference in the method of drafting in this video compared to that made in 2015. Personally, i don’t think there is a great difference in terms of fit to both drafting methods. But i came across this method and thought it would be nice to share and see what people’s preferences are!

Making the Skirt

This skirt in the video does not have a waistband, like what the video in 2015 had. Instead, this skirt uses a facing to finish off the waist. Again, only the construction for the back of the skirt is shown as that’s where everything is going on (sewing of darts, inserting the concealed zipper and attaching the facing).

Drafting a Simple Bodice Block

Compared to the block from Year 2015, this is a much simpler block and requires less complex body measuring for those of you who finds it difficult to get accurate measurements of myself or the person you are trying to make a top for. Of course, to compensate for that, this bodice block is a much looser fit than that in last year’s video. I would still recommend people to take a look at the Year 2015 video as well so that you can appreciate the differences and choose the block that will most suit your requirements.


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